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I will add telephony to my resume

I changed a phone jack in the bedroom.  And didn’t electrocute myself.  And it works. I think.  More on that in a minute.

The old phone jack was attached to the baseboard on the wall that was removed, so the wires remained but the jack was dismantled.  It had a pretty hoopty piggyback setup where a full other phone line was loosely spliced into it for no discernable reason other than to extend the reach of the jack.  All unnecessary stuff which adds nothing to the room and more things to dust.

The incoming line was a CAT-5.  What is that?  Mr. Google tells me it is the fancier line that the phone company uses to handle the needs of data flowing across phone lines instead of just voices like in olden days.  Mr. Google also told me that the pretty blue ones go to the old red and green ones and the pretty orange ones go to the old yellow and black.  Yes, there is an order.  But why write it down when others have done so quite eloquently?   At some point when I have two nickels to rub together, I’ll buy him a beer.  You should too if you feel so moved.

Oh, back to the “thinking” it works.  The corded telephone we have is His.  I assumed when I plugged it in and got a dial tone, all was set.  The next day I was talking to my mom and needed to switch from the cordless phone to that phone and she couldn’t hear me.  I was crushed that my wiring prowess turned out to be not so prowess-ey.   After a few hours I thought to try his phone in two other outlets in the house and I couldn’t be heard there either.  His phone = busted.   Grabbed a new cheapo AT&T trimline phone for those pesky days when cordless phones are useless.  It arrives tomorrow for my final phone prowess test.

Anyway, want to see another “art” photo?  We call this Phone Jack Still-Life. 


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