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When does the dancing stop?

Ah, you think I’m talking about dancing for joy over the soapstone counters and the working dishwasher and flippin AWESOME sink.   Well, yes, certainly we are still dancing for joy in fits and spurts over that.

But really, I’m talking about the hilarious pseudo dance that results when you think you are reaching for something in the kitchen in its old landing place but you then turn on your heel in a Chubby Checker way and reach back in the opposite direction for where it is now.

Reach.  Twist.  Spin.  (woot! woot!)


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The garage ceiling is now open

A few things needed to happen before we could call the electrician over to add a few outlets:

  1. Clean out the dorm room
  2. Pull the acoustical ceiling tiles down.
  3. Re-arrange the garage a bit
  4. Pull down the sheetrock on a third of the ceiling in there as well.

Since the outlets he’ll be adding required a new circuit (yes – the kitchen runs on two circuits currently.  We NEED another circuit in here), he needs to run the line in the ceiling of those two rooms so he can end up in the kitchen.

We were also supposed to bore holes through those joists so he could fish the lines through easy peasy.  We’re thinking of calling him back for that – it is WAY crowded in those joists already with existing wiring.

The white area on the left is the bottom of our fireplace hearth.  Kinda forgot that would be in the way...

The white area on the left (at the top) is the underside of our fireplace hearth. Kinda forgot that would be in the way...

Either he needs to tell us where he wants them, or we’ll bite the bullet and pay him another 2 hours to do it himself.  Grrrr…

Right now, I’m covered in drywall dust.  My eyelids make noise when I blink.  That can’t be good.

Himself took Herself to the pool to cool off.  I think I’ll hop in the shower and then go take care of the butter emergency we’re having.


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Does organizing count?

We are making slight progress.  Mostly on the organizing front.  We needed to unload the dorm room (crawl space) so the electrician can come up through the floor and add/move a few outlets where we need them.  The outlet placement in this house – again, a function of that guy from the 70’s – is inadequate at best, weird at worst.  Electricity is the large reason that we’re doing beadboard backsplashes in most of the kitchen.  I figured it would be easier for the next person to pop them off if they wanted other electrical stuff done.    Or maybe I will.  Later.  When money is no object.

Some proof for you:

"Tiny" and all manner of her life's acquisitions A tiny girl surveying a fraction of her life’s acquisitions.

And the view of the lovely and neat work area the electrician needed:Electricians Workspace

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