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The scary part is done now. Still tons left.

It has been a number of days/weeks since my last post and the last two weeks were a doozy.  This entire project has been peppered with me insisting that I’d planned enough time for any eventuality, doubled it, tripled it again.  And then still- pedal to the metal – we took twice as long to finish any one thing.  This last push was incredibly difficult with the overriding knowledge that it was the most expensive of the products going into the kitchen, the easiest to break, the heaviest to move.

We had hiccups at almost every step.  The initial movement of the slab in the garage, we broke the “arm” that made up the front of the sink (epoxy really IS my friend – whew!).  The faucet holes drilled easily in a few seconds with a paddle bit, but the hole for the dishwasher air gap took me, him, our next door neighbor, AND his drill almost an hour.  Building the dishwasher side was easy, but attaching it to the tiny area we left un-tiled wasn’t quick.  Attaching the false front to the sink cabinet took HOURS (and is crooked.  Whatever.  I didn’t notice off the bat and we can’t change it now.  It will be fine.)  Actually LIFTING the slab took him, the BEST UNCLE EVER, and our next door neighbor almost everything they had.  Much grunting, much heart pounding.   But it is beautiful!!

Unraveling the craziness of those two weeks will take me a few posts at least.  In the meantime,

Oh, and the dishwasher broke.  But it is fixed now.  Again, another long story.





Second view. The slab on the "L" is not yet attached.



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Really, I am still working on the kitchen

I’ve been avoiding adding new posts about the kitchen.   Crap on a cracker, this thing is taking forEVER.  We’ve been taking photos of each minor achievement, but I’m thinking no one needs to see the difference between loveliness in the freshly painted interior of the undersink cabinet compared with its pre-painted former self.  Um, ick.  So a quick catch up for you:

  1. Some cabinet doors have been hung.
  2. Of what is hanging, hardware has been added
  3. There was a small piece of veneer on the inside of where the range hood hangs that needed to be removed because I didn’t account for the width of the hood with the veneer.  This has not been repaired yet.
  4. The “wall” between the cabinet next to the sink and its partner to the left was cut to allow for a true blind corner.  This still needs to be trimmed & painted – both for aesthetic reasons and so that no one scrapes themselves on jagged wood.
  5. The cabinet above the dishwasher has been veneered.  It is my best work.  Which saddens me only because the cabinets I’ve already done aren’t.  Fortunately, since the whole “L” bottom cabinet set needs to be veneered, those will be super-nice.  Funny how doing things freehand ends up being better than following directions.
  6. Oh yes, the range hood is up and the ducting is nearly completely done.  Just some aluminum tape and we are golden.
  7. All the cabinet drawer fronts have been cut down to accept the new drawer fronts.  Those are still to be attached though.
  8. A slight bit more build out is needed for the 42 lower.  I need to add a filler piece at the corner else the knob on the adjacent cabinet will hit the drawer.
  9. The lip to set the sink into the plywood has been routed out.  This was no small feat and ended up with me attaching a patio door steel ball bearing to the bottom of the router as a guide to run it along the curve.  It totally worked.  When this is done, I will eventually take a class of some sort on how to work a router.  I have a feeling it would be fun once I get the nuances down.

Major items still to be done:

  1. Test cut the faucet holes into scrap soapstone.
  2. Cut the faucet holes into the real soapstone.
  3. Pull off sink area counters; detach sink etc…
  4. Pull cabinet away from wall and shim up.
  5. Finish dishwasher side panel to match the shimmed height (will also attach a ledger board to the wall to assist in holding up the soapstone.
  6. Install sink, counters, faucet.
  7. Rebuild soffits.
  8. Build closet.
  9. Back door.
  10. All trim.
  11. Oh yeah – THE BACKSPLASH.

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The lost art of customer service

The eBay guy who sold me the faucet that I wanted emailed me today to tell me – oops, after all, we didn’t actually HAVE that faucet in stock, but how about a weird white faucet instead?  Um.  No.  Gimme my money back.  Now. (He did.)

I don’t get the sense that this eBay seller was a huge conglomerate – and many of them are.  He also wasn’t some dude selling supplies out of his basement either.  He’s just a guy who found a niche selling discontinued products and doesn’t bother to consider that people might want the product he’s advertised instead of what he’s trying to push out the door. A weird position to take when you are selling items through a function that encourages buyer feedback on transactions.  (Nope, didn’t leave feedback.  But I could.)

The thing that I find interesting is that throughout this kitchen remodel, I’ve had this type of experience 4 times so far.  I’m really savvy when it comes to buying over the internet and I’m getting stuck with less than stellar follow-through.  Actually, come to think of it, I’ve had this happen with local businesses too,  so it isn’t just internet purchases.  I feel bad for people who aren’t as experienced.  Their frustration level must be to the roof.

I think it is back to Amazon unless I find the faucet at a more reliable company.  At least I know THEY deliver what I buy.

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Did I mention the sink is dented?

I called the sink place today and they will send out a replacement as well as a call tag for the existing sink.  They assure me that the new sink is the exact same as the one in the garage.  The dent is fairly minor and on the rim which will be hidden by the countertop.  I was unsuccessful in getting them to simply give me a partial refund.

I think I will buy the Jasmine faucet off the eBay guy.  Can’t really justify paying triple to buy it elsewhere.  I just have to decide what my “offer” will be.

Just bought the dishwasher clips.  They *may* be here early next week.

My arm/elbow/thumb is killing me so I decided to head to the movies.  Saw The Proposal.  Funny & cute.  I was the only one in the theater for quite a while which made the whole laughing-out-loud thing funnier cause I echoed.  Srsly.

Popped into IKEA on the way back and pondered the GORM closet solution (and gave myself a papercut on their measuring tapes).  Here is the deal.  The support posts are made of fairly thin wood that has a sharktooth joint every 12 inches or so – effectively NOT a solid single piece of wood.  The shelves could be cut down narrower to accommodate something between 19 and 30 inches, but I’d need to dismantle them a bit to do it.  Dismantle IKEA?  Yes.  Odd.  Is it sturdy enough to do the job?  Yes.  Would MDF posts work better?  Mebee.  I took the little GORM handout and will reflect further on the actual cost to outfit the closet to my preferences.  If it really would be cheaper, I’ll do it.  Else it is back to Home Depot.


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What Type of Faucet

Will we go with two handles or one?

Will we go with a faucet that has an escutcheon or will we display our prowess with cutting teeny beautiful holes into soapstone?

What about the cheapy little Brita faucet filter we have come to love?

What about Naomi?

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