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I can hear myself think but the floor vibrates a little

Interesting development.  But first, the accomplishment!

I’d built the dishwasher side wall with a 2 inch wide piece of birch at the top – horizontally – to give extra surface for the soapstone to rest upon.  All well and good until we had the stone in place and then messed around with the dishwasher and realized I couldn’t level it to where it needed to be because of a square 3/4 inch of that piece of birch at the front of that wall.  I finally cut enough of it back yesterday to allow me to level it.  Did that part today and then attached the Granite Grabbers.  Super easy – if they really do end up working long term, I would totally buy them again.

So yea us – we don’t have to play catch the dishes with the tipping dishwasher anymore!  And putting the toe-kick piece back on the front of the dishwasher has muffled a decent amount of the sound, so I can hear myself think again.

Here is the interesting part.  Walk through this with me –  the floor acts as a single structure because of the underlayment beneath the tile; the cabinets are attached to the walls and sit on the floor; the soapstone is attached to the cabinets with silicone; NOW, the dishwasher is attached to the soapstone via the Granite Grabbers.  Do you know what happens now?  You can feel the vibration of the dishwasher along the tile ANYWHERE you stand in the kitchen.


Edited the title of this post on 01/15/10:  While I live in “earthquake country” aka California, and people make cavalier comments about the earth moving, the devastation in Haiti reminds us that the big one could hit at any time and any place.  This planet is a living entity and periodically needs to stretch its bones – many times, to the devastation of its inhabitants.



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Uh…I did an oopsey.

So remember how I said that the dishwasher isn’t attached to anything right now?  But it still works, so we use it carefully and hold it up while opening the racks to load and unload? Until the Granite Grabbers can be attached to the yet to be installed countertops?

Something was weird about how it kept wanted to tip forward for even the slightest thing just now.  Perhaps I should have been more zen about the weird.  Because I turned around for a second – yup, a SECOND – and the whole thing came crashing down.  Full.  Casualties include a few glasses and the mug with my name on it that my dear little girl picked out especially for me when she went to Yosemite last year.

I contemplated taking a picture of the up-ended dishwasher.  I came to my senses quickly enough and decided to clean up the damn mess I just made instead.  So you’ll have to picture the destruction for yourself.

I WANT MY SOAPSTONE.  NOW.  However, much to do before the countertops on that side of the room are ready.

I’m going to run the dishwasher now.  It doesn’t look like the fall caused the water line or drain hose to break.  I suppose I’ll find that out soon enough.


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The dishwasher clips don’t make sense

While we were back east, the dishwasher clips came.  They are the precise model that the lovely woman at Whirlpool told me to get (we have a Maytag dishwasher, but it seems that Whirlpool bought Maytag a few years ago).

They don’t fit.  Allegedly, they are to slip into slots on the sides of the dishwasher and get attached to each cabinet on either side of it.  Perhaps there are slots on Whirpool dishwashers, but my lovely 9 YEAR OLD MAYTAG don’t got em.  Since I’m not cutting holes into the plastic front of the dishwasher to mount these puppies, I’m forced to get creative.

From my google research,  countertop installers go a few different routes with this.  One option is to epoxy a firring strip of wood underneath the countertop that you can use to screw the top-mounted dishwasher clips into.  Other options include notching out a hole in the underside of the soapstone and screwing into that.  (No WAY man.)  I found a product that is a metal clip that is mounted to the underside with epoxy, but I’m not sure…

The more I think about it, the more the laws of physics don’t even support side mounted clips.  If the dishwasher legs are on the bottom (well, of course they are), then your wiggle room to get the dishwasher in and out of the opening should be on the top.  You can’t wiggle the cabinets and you wouldn’t want to see space on either side of the dishwasher for side mountings.  I’ve searched high and low and I can’t find close up pics of a side mounted bracket.

So – Rube Goldberg to the rescue.  I’m considering using an appliance strap – similar to the kind that holds the water heater in place, but the one with holes every inch or so.  I’d mount it to the top edge of the cabinet on the left, carry it over the top of the dishwasher, and attach it to the top of the side panel on the right.  Then the clips that are currently on the dishwasher will screw right into it.

Genius!  Unless it doesn’t work.  So I might be back to the Granite Grabbers.


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Dishwasher nervousness

We took the countertop off the dishwasher to facilitate both tiling under it and the removal of the side panel which had an old powderpost beetle infestation.  The tile job was fantastic – orchestrated wonderfully by my sister-in-law.



We had just returned the tile saw to the tool lending library before deciding this needed to be done.  She took all the tile scraps I’d cut during the day and made a mosaic tile puzzle.  Last piece – clearly I was feeling punchy – to make it work I took a small scrap and broke it with a hammer.  And it fit!  Confidence level – HIGH.

Fast forward to today.  After a number of calls to track down the side mounting clip part I needed, the appliance store guy said that the dishwasher doesn’t ACTUALLY need to be attached to anything just to run it (the clips aren’t in stock ANYWHERE locally).  The clips are for safety so it doesn’t tip over while it is open.  True enough it seems.  But I’m still sitting here on the floor with a powerful flashlight making sure there aren’t any leaks.  I’m still going to try to get the clips quickly, but I needed to see if this would work.

And geez, it is LOUD when there isn’t a top or side muffling all the noise.  It’s making my teeth rattle.

ETA:  Teeny bit of water right at the front right leg.  Not certain if that is residual water that may have been in the door when I loaded it.  Hmmmm….

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