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The shell of a pantry

I’m BACK!!!!!!!!!  Squirrels, rodents, LIFE, second grade, first communion, softball, and a sprained foot caused by the world’s smallest pebble have all inserted themselves into our kitchen timeline.  But we are getting back on track.

The pantry closet is framed, the floor tile in said closet is mortared in place and waiting for grout, and today we begin cutting lumber to rebuild the soffets.  In the meantime, Himself has torn down half of the back fence to reveal – oh my! – at least 5 feet of creek bank erosion – so this blog will slowly transition from Kitchen Only to All the Rest of the Crap to Fix in Our House.

I’ll be posting more regularly again (with pics), so stay tuned!


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Don’t cook in the closet

So, how long have I been talking about having a broom/pantry closet(s) where I can tuck the microwave INTO the pantry closet on a shelf?  Hence having Lola move the electrical outlet to facilitate doing so?  A while.

In separate but VERY related news, I’ve been thinking about the fridge.  I don’t like this fridge.  It is a lemon.  The compressor has gone on it 3 times already.  We ended up having to continue to renew the extended warranty – something we NEVER do – because one day it will finally just give up and die.  And this is a fairly new fridge circa 2005 (I think?).  If we were to get a NEW fridge – only because this one dies – would we get a top freezer again?  No.  I’m tired of bending down to look into the fridge and our little girl is plenty tall enough to reach things in a bottom mounted freezer model.

We originally got the top mounted freezer because of the environment reports saying they are the most energy-efficient of all the styles of fridge – side by sides, the least.  The bottom mounted freezers are somewhere in the middle.  But.  They are all slightly wider than the top mounts – generally 32 inches wide compared to 30 inches wide.

Back to the closet.  I’d miscalculated how much space the fridge required when we laid the floor – I measured a generous 32 inches from the left side of the bottom cabinet.  Which was the one that I accidentally cut 1 1/2 inches from widthwise, forgetting that I couldn’t cut the same amount off its partner top cabinet.  So those two “generous extra inches” were sucked up by the top cabinet to the right of the fridge. Now I’ll need to set the right side of the closet in by another two inches to give me the flexibility of getting the fridge I want down the line.

Which makes the closet at least two inches more narrow.

Remember the IKEA Gorm closet system?  Of course I’m buying it.  If I were to build my own closet interior – it may or may not cost less but will certainly take 15 times as long.  GORM has two widths – 19 and 30.  I’m going to go with the 19 so I can still have a decent amount of broom closet space next to it.

I can’t fit my microwave onto the 19 inch shelf.  The door won’t open.

Yeah, so, it turns out the microwave is staying on the counter as far as the man of the house is concerned.  We go in waves where we use the microwave MANY times a day and then for months never touch the damn thing.  We are in a high microwave usage phase right now.  It sits on the counter above the dishwasher.  It is fine there.  It works there.

This isn’t a problem to solve.  Just keeping you in the loop on the circuitous thought process of this weekend’s project – the closet!


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Did I mention the sink is dented?

I called the sink place today and they will send out a replacement as well as a call tag for the existing sink.  They assure me that the new sink is the exact same as the one in the garage.  The dent is fairly minor and on the rim which will be hidden by the countertop.  I was unsuccessful in getting them to simply give me a partial refund.

I think I will buy the Jasmine faucet off the eBay guy.  Can’t really justify paying triple to buy it elsewhere.  I just have to decide what my “offer” will be.

Just bought the dishwasher clips.  They *may* be here early next week.

My arm/elbow/thumb is killing me so I decided to head to the movies.  Saw The Proposal.  Funny & cute.  I was the only one in the theater for quite a while which made the whole laughing-out-loud thing funnier cause I echoed.  Srsly.

Popped into IKEA on the way back and pondered the GORM closet solution (and gave myself a papercut on their measuring tapes).  Here is the deal.  The support posts are made of fairly thin wood that has a sharktooth joint every 12 inches or so – effectively NOT a solid single piece of wood.  The shelves could be cut down narrower to accommodate something between 19 and 30 inches, but I’d need to dismantle them a bit to do it.  Dismantle IKEA?  Yes.  Odd.  Is it sturdy enough to do the job?  Yes.  Would MDF posts work better?  Mebee.  I took the little GORM handout and will reflect further on the actual cost to outfit the closet to my preferences.  If it really would be cheaper, I’ll do it.  Else it is back to Home Depot.


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Closets. In the kitchen.

As part of this kitchen upgrade, we are building ourselves a broom closet and a pantry closet – neither of which currently exists in any form in this house.   The broom closet will allow us to get all manner of crap out of the linen closet and the pantry will house food.  Which is currently sucking up space in MANY cabinets right now, forcing much double stacking of dishes in our other cabinets.

Oh, and the microwave.  Unless someone convinces me I shouldn’t do it, the pantry will have a shelf in it dedicated to the microwave so that it doesn’t sit out on a counter.   There is already a plug on that wall since it is near to where the fridge is currently, so we should be set on that front.

Open issue here is that the width of both closets together can’t be more than 52 inches.  Given standard door sizes – and needing TWO of them – I need to get creative for how this will work.  We’ll likely do the framing for the sides and top and then deal with this a bit later.  It does need to be framed before the floor goes in though.  Gotta love a challenge.

Here is a before pic:

Eventually... the Closets

Eventually... the closets go here.


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