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Could you have done that the first time?

Remember here where I complained about the window framing sticking out from the sheetrock and my frustration with not being able to get the window trim to lay as flat as it should?  The foreman came back today and I told him that his finesse level kinda sucked on that one.

His response?  “Oh, I’ve got an electric planer in the truck.  I could go get it right now and shave it down right quick.  I thought about it when I put it up.”

Ummmm….. no.  Though that would have been helpful TWO WEEKS AGO before we did every other damn thing to put the room back together.


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I will add telephony to my resume

I changed a phone jack in the bedroom.  And didn’t electrocute myself.  And it works. I think.  More on that in a minute.

The old phone jack was attached to the baseboard on the wall that was removed, so the wires remained but the jack was dismantled.  It had a pretty hoopty piggyback setup where a full other phone line was loosely spliced into it for no discernable reason other than to extend the reach of the jack.  All unnecessary stuff which adds nothing to the room and more things to dust.

The incoming line was a CAT-5.  What is that?  Mr. Google tells me it is the fancier line that the phone company uses to handle the needs of data flowing across phone lines instead of just voices like in olden days.  Mr. Google also told me that the pretty blue ones go to the old red and green ones and the pretty orange ones go to the old yellow and black.  Yes, there is an order.  But why write it down when others have done so quite eloquently?   At some point when I have two nickels to rub together, I’ll buy him a beer.  You should too if you feel so moved.

Oh, back to the “thinking” it works.  The corded telephone we have is His.  I assumed when I plugged it in and got a dial tone, all was set.  The next day I was talking to my mom and needed to switch from the cordless phone to that phone and she couldn’t hear me.  I was crushed that my wiring prowess turned out to be not so prowess-ey.   After a few hours I thought to try his phone in two other outlets in the house and I couldn’t be heard there either.  His phone = busted.   Grabbed a new cheapo AT&T trimline phone for those pesky days when cordless phones are useless.  It arrives tomorrow for my final phone prowess test.

Anyway, want to see another “art” photo?  We call this Phone Jack Still-Life. 

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Time lapse progress

This was all a week or so ago.  Nothing particular exciting or unusual about the process, other than the typical, “Oh, is the color too dark?  No, it is just right”.

Getting ready to prime

The prime coat

Color coat #1

Color coat #2

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Next house, I’m buying a pickup truck

Yesterday’s sewage issue is solved – thank you nice Roto Rooter man.  Yes, it was roots. Yes, I’ll be buying a new mop.

It raised a new-ish issue that the unused and turned off toilet in the laundry room downstairs is busted and leaks (clean) water.  These are not related other than the cleanup involved both of us jostling the toilet during mopping and dislodged whatever was barely holding the tank to the bowl.  He’s been threatening to officially cap the toilet for a while now – looks like that is on the list for the weekend.  The valve may be busted as well, which is a bigger job and one I don’t want to contemplate right now.

Back to the bedroom.  In preparation for finishing the bedroom, I had to go to the lumberyard to pick out new trim for windows, baseboards, and ceiling.  We aren’t putting in official crown moulding, but VHU (Very Helpful Uncle) suggested that we use a smaller casing about 3 inches down from the ceiling line and paint it and those 3 inches to match the ceiling to add the illusion of height.  A lovely idea.

The room dimensions are laughably small, but not so small that things that run horizontally along full walls are easy to transport.  My Honda can handle trim up to 10 feet if I put the seat down in the back and have it rest on the dashboard.  Naturally I needed 11.  (Well, 10 1/2, but I needed room for cutting errors.) The ceiling casing – which is a very plain cheapo molded casing – is very lightweight.  We stuck it out through the trunk, back seat, and then out the front passenger window.  I drove along as many side streets as I could.  Let’s just say if anyone was watching what I was doing, they clearly thought I was an idiot as the casing FLEW and bounced all around the front.  No, I didn’t tie it up.  Yes, I can see that I should have.  Oh well.

Next day, I got the baseboards at Home Depot and we (the dudes in the parking lot and I) wedged it against the sideview mirror.  That – coupled with the fact that the baseboards were much heavier – made for a safer driving experience for all.

Where is a Ford F150 when you need one?

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Day 28 – Sloppy workmanship


Not flush to the drywall


Yes, we’ve been working hard getting the room put back together. I’ll get to that in another post. The thing that is stuck in my craw is the framing they did around the window. It isn’t flush to the sheetrock – it sticks out.  See?

On the day that I worked on nailing up baseboards and window trim, we’d had a heat wave.  You can imagine how pleasant that makes me to be around generally, much less in a room where I have to keep the windows closed because of the smell of roofing tar. (Oh, I guess I’ll get to THAT in another other post.)

And for ALL that framing that is in the “new” wall? Where ARE the studs? I’ve made a dozen holes in my beautiful baseboards trying to find a piece of wood for a nail to catch. Grrrr…

I’ll let you know later how my handy dandy Japanese pull saw worked as I gently try to saw this piece of window framing flush to the wall so I can move on with completing my window trim. It will be a challenge to be certain I’m not going to damage the wall above it.

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We’re workin’ heyah…

I’ll be posting the photos and commentary on the most recent progress, but we’ve gotta eventually go back to sleeping in the bedroom, so I’ll focus on that and catch you up in a few days…

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Day #… whatever – OHAI!

They came back on Monday morning and they still have their hearing, which I think speaks well of my ability to control any leftover migraine rage about the wet sheetrock.  I recounted the weekend’s events to them, they pulled sheetrock, they told me that the hole that let the water in was somehow there all along – it was simply a new sheetrock seam which offered a low resistance to water that allowed us to see it.  Otherwise, we’d have had wet insulation and soaking sheetrock above our heads FOREVER. Ok, not forever, but until mold grew through.  Blech.

I pointed out the torn plastic and my belief that they could have done a better job protecting the gaping exposed parts of the roof.  I received an acknowledgement that perhaps they should have given me their cell number so I could have called them directly on Saturday.  I suppose we called it even, though it really sounds like I lost in that exchange.

We agreed that they’d let the wood dry out and they would return on Wednesday to apply the second coat of stucco and fix the big hunkin drywall hole so I could start priming and painting and – oh, I don’t know – sleeping in my bedroom.

End of day today (Wednesday):  the stucco looks great.  Brand spanking new.  Wanna see?


Rear view - pretty stucco



Check out the roofline - so SHINY!



The less exciting but still well done side view


Remember how I said that the sheetrock was going to be done today.  Yeah, not so much.  They ran out of time.  Tomorrow they arrive in the morning to apply the spray on texture  THEN do my sheetrock.  I hope.

In the meantime, has anyone seen Ceiling Cat?  Tell him I said OHAI!


An Ceiling Cat sayed, im in ur waterz makin a ceiling. But he no yet make a ur. An he maded a hole in teh Ceiling. An Ceiling Cat doed teh skiez with waterz down An waterz up. It happen.


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