First things first – why 10 Things at Once?  Do I believe in multi-tasking?  Not one bit.  I used to until I realized I can’t get more than one thing done at a time anyway.  Our house is my new exercise in trying to do one project at a time.  Now, that doesn’t mean I can’t think about more than one at a time…

Some thoughts on home ownership –  I wouldn’t have it any other way.  I spent most of my childhood as my dad and grandpa’s little helper for all manner of house projects.  I’ve been dropped behind a half-built wall to retrieve a screwdriver (when I was two),  replaced fan belts on clothes dryers (because my hands were small enough to fit), and have a weird affinity for the smell of freshly cut lumber.  The latter likely due to working with them on finishing three different basements.  In college, my dad and I refinished some furniture for my first off-campus apartment – I still have one of those tables  in my dining room.

I’m a very particular DIY’er.  I want what I want done precisely how I want it.  Yet, I’m not a perfectionist.  As is evidenced by the minor flaws that I’m TOTALLY FINE WITH that pop up as a matter of course when you are rehabbing a very old house.  They are charming and add to the story of the home.


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