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Standing on the edge

Back-breaking blackberry banishment. I’d say that three times fast, but somehow that might tempt cosmic forces to let it grow back faster, so how about I don’t?

This was the third weekend of pulling all sorts of vegetation where it shouldn’t be growing.  Yesterday, I concluded that we still have a fence in place on half the creek bank – though it isn’t looking very sturdy.  The gatepost is shot for sure.  I’ve made my way down both property lines to close in on the area where the creek bank eroded.  From this point in, I need to tread carefully – the dirt under the tarp is pretty soft and the rooting systems of the blackberry vine shoots are getting progressively thicker.  I’m digging each one out carefully as I reach them, but I’m leaving ankle-sprain size holes in their wake.

Ultimately, I’m going to reach the edge of the “cliff” where there is a 6 foot drop straight into the creek.  Could be in another foot, could be in 3.  Won’t know until I know, though I’m hoping I don’t find out the hard way.

This is what it looks like:

See that pile? Dirt may or may not exist under it.

View from afar


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