Day 28 – Sloppy workmanship


Not flush to the drywall


Yes, we’ve been working hard getting the room put back together. I’ll get to that in another post. The thing that is stuck in my craw is the framing they did around the window. It isn’t flush to the sheetrock – it sticks out.  See?

On the day that I worked on nailing up baseboards and window trim, we’d had a heat wave.  You can imagine how pleasant that makes me to be around generally, much less in a room where I have to keep the windows closed because of the smell of roofing tar. (Oh, I guess I’ll get to THAT in another other post.)

And for ALL that framing that is in the “new” wall? Where ARE the studs? I’ve made a dozen holes in my beautiful baseboards trying to find a piece of wood for a nail to catch. Grrrr…

I’ll let you know later how my handy dandy Japanese pull saw worked as I gently try to saw this piece of window framing flush to the wall so I can move on with completing my window trim. It will be a challenge to be certain I’m not going to damage the wall above it.


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