Our house is NOT a rural firestation

I have a few stories I’d like to share.  First one involves my small bladder and a trip in the “way back” machine.  (This won’t be a TMI situation, I’m pretty sure.)  During freshman year of college at SUNY Albany, I accompanied a friend’s roommate on a road trip to Vermont to some military school shindig because her quasi-boyfriend invited her to some formal dance or something.  Why me and not the ACTUAL roommate?  Couldn’t tell you.  It was better than hanging out in the dorms.  That was the reason I did anything those days.  So there I am, tangentially barely relevant road-trip buddy.

On the way back, (or there.  I think back. The details are a wee bit fuzzy simply due to the passage of time.) I had to pee.  Crazy bad.  We were in the middle of East Bejesus Nowhere.  I was crying because I need to go THAT badly.  We eventually came across a fire house, banged the door down, and the nice fireman let me in to pee.  Yea me!  He scolded us afterward.  Again, don’t recall why.  Probably because I didn’t go before I left the house or some such.

(Oh, and if you were expecting a story about some hunky cute fireman dude, didn’t happen.  First, I was still 17 and EXUDED 17 and not 18.  Trust me.  Second, the only fireman “home” at the time was old and mean.  Go back and reread the yelling at me part.)

So when I tell you I’ve “gone” in some pretty bizarre places, I’m not kidding.  That isn’t even the weirdest one, just the one that comes to mind in the long list of them.  Someplace I wouldn’t even THINK to go?  In my neighbor’s port-a-potty outside their house.   Seems that my fellow neighbors don’t have the same disinclination.  At all hours of the day and night, the damn door on the port-a-potty is slamming.  The two funniest occurrences?  The two-times-a-day visit from the mailman and what seemed to be a couple who used it last night for well, ummm… some privacy.

Now the second story.  This structure has been in our front yard since September 1st.  I just noticed on Friday (September 17th) that there is a sign on it that is a bit more personal than I realized.


See the sign? How did I miss this?



Maybe we'll keep it - after all, it's monogrammed.



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