Days 8 thru 17 – I WANT MY HOUSE BACK

I dutifully took pictures daily to chronicle the progress.  I suppose I composed the corresponding blog posts in my head because neither seem to be here.  Too bad you can’t read any of it – genius stuff, I assure you.  Nevertheless, I’ll correct my omission as best I can.

Let’s see, lots of work.  All the rotted framing was replaced on that 15 linear foot run (10 on the side 5 in the back).  Earthquake retrofitting was done – bolting that part of the house well and thoroughly to the foundation, strapping the crawl space walls to the first floor, and much sheer walling with thousands of nails.  The framing  area that meets the foundation was double flashed – first with a tacky tar peel-off sticky stuff and then with metal flashing over it.  NO WATER is coming in at the bottom.  Not that this was really an issue, but I suppose better than creating a new issue.  And the inspector insisted, so the foreman did it.

Brand new insulation was put in – pulverized blue jeans!  Cool stuff.  There was some verbal back and forth about the window sill and the framing underneath it and whether that was covered in the original contract.  I invoked the likelihood of finding fingerprints of the project manager (who incidentally hasn’t been on the property ONCE since this project started) on the rotted wood and it was magically covered under the contract.  Two days later, the foreman talks about how my name has been going around the office a lot over this issue.  I was uncomfortable with that.  If I’m going to be accused of throwing a hissy fit, I’d at least like to actually THROW one.  I guess someone’s got one coming then… stay tuned.

Sort of out of order, but since the contract is paid against milestones reached, it took me by surprise that they were so fixated on having the framing inspection done despite their lack of ability to show up and do a full day’s worth of work during those first 10 days.  I was late to the party on the concept but it was all made clear when I got the invoice with the pretty pink sticky note.

What else?  The paper and wire went up – this is the tar paper barrier and the chicken wire that holds the stucco in place.  Another inspection, another check.  The first coat of stucco – called a scratch coat – went up on Thursday (day 16) and they re-did the sheetrock in the bedroom on Friday (day 17).

These guys have shit taste in music by the way.   And they don’t remember to turn off the stupid radio when they go to lunch, so I’m stuck in the house with who-the-hell-knows-what blasting through the bedroom wall.  By day 17, I’d hit my limit of “PEOPLE” being in my house and am quite sad that they’ll be back Monday morning to do some more interior work.


Ground level insulation and framing

Bedroom wall framing

Sheer wall

Insulation & the interior view of the new framing

Look at the beautiful hunk o' wood above the window

Paper and wire

New sheetrock

Stucco scratch coat - side view

Stucco scratch coat - side view

Stucco scratch coat - back view


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