Day 4, 5, & 6 – Ach, my achin’ back

As this is Labor Day weekend, there was no contractor progress.  They left at 2:30 on Friday and framed about a third of the way up the walls.  The balance will continue tomorrow and the first inspection is on Wednesday.  I made the call for them not to replace the mudsill, though it probably could have used it.  It was wood that had that feel to it when it had been outside in the wet, but wasn’t rotten.  Just softer (slightly) than it should be.  Instead, he put blocking on top of it and will bolt through the blocking to the foundation – effectively making a mudsill sandwich.  It will be fine.

Also in the “it will be fine” camp – the rot probably extends further than 5 feet on the backside of the house.  This area runs under the deck and we aren’t fixing it.  The corner was the most important and the rest can be saved for the next person.  We can only afford to do so much.

Guess what we did on Saturday though?  Bought bedroom paint.  Yolo Colorhouse was on sale at a hardware store in Alameda – 12 bucks a gallon compared to 44.  Yea!!  We chose Leaf 03.  It’s pretty, right?  Slightly green, slightly gray, but just right.  I hope.

Oh, and the sleeper sofa update?  I accidentally flipped over and slept on my tummy early Saturday morning.  For about an hour or two.  Standing up was a challenge.  Two days later – still a little creaky and now sleeping lighter because I keep trying to flip over and have to keep counseling myself – in my sleep – to stay still.  Oy.

Here are some photos of where we were left on Friday:


A new corner



Blocking on top of the mudsill



The laundry room is safe!



The bedroom - not so much...



We're choosing to stop here - fixing what you can see but not uncovering any more stucco



Blech. Their next task is the crumbly stuff.



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