Day 3 – Wearing the cranky pants

A few things.  First, they showed up at 7:50, not 7:30.  Yes, I’m counting that as late.  Yes, as a Princess and the Pea devotee, I absolutely think when I hire a contractor that their work practices are only weird for other people.  I have to listen to a time estimate and double it?  Seriously?  Unimaginable to me! I thought that only happened to other people.

Their “punishment” was that I did not acknowledge them nor open the window so they could plug their radio into the wall outlet.  They very well could wait until I got back from dropping off the Little Miss.  Work in silence and like it!  Perhaps you’ll have time to reflect on your bad choices.  Turned out the reason they left was to open a wall for a plumber on another job and found a bunch of old dead pigeons.  This takes 4 hours to deal with why please?

I woke up at 1:30 this morning because I heard a noise.  I was concerned that they left the wall open a little – just enough for a bird or something to fly in, not big enough for a person, but still.  Spent time walking around the house trying to figure out what the noise was.  Still a mystery to me, but now I’m more tired than I should be.

Perhaps that tiredness is making me a little less tolerant of people wasting my time?  Perhaps.


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