Day 2 – Good Morning Sunshine

Sun streaming in the wrong place...

Second night on the sleeper sofa – all is well.  Seriously, on our regular bed, I’m like an old woman with creaky bones getting up in the morning.  On the pullout couch, no back pain.  What the hell?

More banging is happening now.  It’s loud, but I guess I really am going a little deaf because it isn’t bugging me.  Either that or it is MANY years of practice tuning out music I don’t want to listen to while we drive down I-5.

I’m on the fence about getting out of the house for a while.  It isn’t the noise per se, but the bizarre sounds of major pieces of debris falling down.  And the intermittent “Are you effin serious!” exclamations from the contractor.

That is NOT a phrase you want to hear.  It is a phrase we frequently hear with this house, but always one you want to avoid hearing if you can.  Gonna go bury my head in the sand now.


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