Day 1 – The sleeper sofa

We’re having the dry rot in our bedroom fixed.  It is bad.  The framing above the window is solid dust instead of solid wood.  The stucco on the outside is likely the only thing holding that wall up.  So the contractor is here today putting up scaffolding, prepping the room, and will be banging the stucco off the walls for the next few days.  Once this is over, the roof will be fixed – hopefully once and for all.

Oh – did I mention we don’t HAVE a real roof on our house?  Apparently, we’ve only got the bottom two layers of a four layer roof – and it has been that way for about 20 years.  The fact that I don’t have to play rain-bucket obstacle course during the wet season is a matter of sheer luck.  In any event, we’re waiting to see if the dry rot is more extensive that originally thought to ensure we can afford to pay for more than a roof patch job.

In the meantime, Himself and I have outloaded our entire bedroom – largely into the pretty kitchen and the living room and we’re sleeping on the pull out couch.  For about two weeks.  Give or take four weeks (shhh, don’t tell Him).

Anyone who knows me knows my tendency toward the Princess and the Pea view of life.  Funny enough – that view is largely focused on things other than beds.  I can and will fall asleep anywhere as long as I’m not too hot or there isn’t a cat.  I have fallen asleep standing up against a fence, at a Dave Matthews concert, at an Eddie Izzard show (laughing too hard..need to rest!).  Sleeper sofas are  After 12 years of marriage, it continues to be clear why we are so well suited – I married a true Prince.  This morning’s statement – “I felt like I slept on a rack.”

Me on the other hand?  Slept like a baby.  I think our regular mattress is crap and somehow sleeping on a 3 inch mattress with a bar under my hips was much more relaxing.  Also could have been that sleeping in a room that is 12 x 18 really is nicer than sleeping in a room that is 10 x 10.  Not so claustrophobic.

The Before - Inside

The Before - side view

The Before - back view


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