I lied when I said flaws are charming

I’ve got both corner cabinet doors installed.  The lower door went on over a week ago and was fabulous.  I just finished tightening the last screw for the upper corner door and it is so crooked that you can see into the cabinet with the door closed.

You see, the stile is crooked.  Yet, the level insisted that it was plumb.  Even when my eyes were telling me it was crooked.  On the lower door, the same thing happened, but a little wiggling of the hinge and all was right with the world.  I was cocky with the upper door – I didn’t do a test install before I refaced it like I did for the bottom.    At this point, I’ve gone back and wiggled the hinges out so this door doesn’t hit its partner door next to it by much.  I’ve leveled to my eye rather than the tool.  You can’t see into the cabinet anymore.

This may be a flaw that will drive me nuts enough to need to fix it.  I’m going to think about this one for a few days and hope that an elegant solution comes to me that WON’T require ripping the veneering off the stile.



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2 responses to “I lied when I said flaws are charming

  1. OK, I’ll bite … what’s a stile?

    • 10thingsatonce

      A stile is that vertical piece of wood that is on the face of the cabinet – typically where you hang the hinges or where two doors meet. Cabinets like ones from IKEA don’t have them because they are frameless cabinets, but old-style cabinetry made from plywood, etc.. generally do have them.

      Thanks for your question and for stopping by!

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