I can hear myself think but the floor vibrates a little

Interesting development.  But first, the accomplishment!

I’d built the dishwasher side wall with a 2 inch wide piece of birch at the top – horizontally – to give extra surface for the soapstone to rest upon.  All well and good until we had the stone in place and then messed around with the dishwasher and realized I couldn’t level it to where it needed to be because of a square 3/4 inch of that piece of birch at the front of that wall.  I finally cut enough of it back yesterday to allow me to level it.  Did that part today and then attached the Granite Grabbers.  Super easy – if they really do end up working long term, I would totally buy them again.

So yea us – we don’t have to play catch the dishes with the tipping dishwasher anymore!  And putting the toe-kick piece back on the front of the dishwasher has muffled a decent amount of the sound, so I can hear myself think again.

Here is the interesting part.  Walk through this with me –  the floor acts as a single structure because of the underlayment beneath the tile; the cabinets are attached to the walls and sit on the floor; the soapstone is attached to the cabinets with silicone; NOW, the dishwasher is attached to the soapstone via the Granite Grabbers.  Do you know what happens now?  You can feel the vibration of the dishwasher along the tile ANYWHERE you stand in the kitchen.


Edited the title of this post on 01/15/10:  While I live in “earthquake country” aka California, and people make cavalier comments about the earth moving, the devastation in Haiti reminds us that the big one could hit at any time and any place.  This planet is a living entity and periodically needs to stretch its bones – many times, to the devastation of its inhabitants.



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4 responses to “I can hear myself think but the floor vibrates a little

  1. Lola

    Do you think the granite grabbers are causing this?

    • 10thingsatonce

      Only in that they are closing the circuit – so to speak – of physical connections between the dishwasher, the counter, and the floor. This would have happened with screws or any other method of connecting the dishwasher.

      I’m not worried about it. It has been enough days now that I stopped noticing it. Yes, it still happens. However, when I end up getting the structural engineer back in to talk about the dry rot, I’ll run it by him just to be sure.

  2. Matty

    You said “stretch its bones.”

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