The scary part is done now. Still tons left.

It has been a number of days/weeks since my last post and the last two weeks were a doozy.  This entire project has been peppered with me insisting that I’d planned enough time for any eventuality, doubled it, tripled it again.  And then still- pedal to the metal – we took twice as long to finish any one thing.  This last push was incredibly difficult with the overriding knowledge that it was the most expensive of the products going into the kitchen, the easiest to break, the heaviest to move.

We had hiccups at almost every step.  The initial movement of the slab in the garage, we broke the “arm” that made up the front of the sink (epoxy really IS my friend – whew!).  The faucet holes drilled easily in a few seconds with a paddle bit, but the hole for the dishwasher air gap took me, him, our next door neighbor, AND his drill almost an hour.  Building the dishwasher side was easy, but attaching it to the tiny area we left un-tiled wasn’t quick.  Attaching the false front to the sink cabinet took HOURS (and is crooked.  Whatever.  I didn’t notice off the bat and we can’t change it now.  It will be fine.)  Actually LIFTING the slab took him, the BEST UNCLE EVER, and our next door neighbor almost everything they had.  Much grunting, much heart pounding.   But it is beautiful!!

Unraveling the craziness of those two weeks will take me a few posts at least.  In the meantime,

Oh, and the dishwasher broke.  But it is fixed now.  Again, another long story.





Second view. The slab on the "L" is not yet attached.



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