Of course the stove works!

Yes, you knew that already.  But tonight we had to do the official BAKING TEST FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Or as it is also known, the obligatory stash of treats for the 2nd graders to celebrate you know who’s birthday on Monday.   The result is that the chocolate chips (what else?) came out fantastic.  They took FOREVER to bake though.  The first batch on a fully preheated oven took almost 18 minutes.  And this is the Nestle Tollhouse recipe that says 9 to 11.  The second batch took about 15.

Hmmm… what does this mean for the Christmas butter cookies?  Hard to screw up chocolate chips.  Quite easy to screw up butter cookies.  What about pie?  Too bad I don’t have time or inclination or room for THAT many spare calories on my hips to do many test batches.

Chocolate chip cookies.  Best. Cookie.  Ever.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Best. Cookie. Ever.

For your drooling pleasure….



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2 responses to “Of course the stove works!

  1. Matty

    I like cookies. And I like what pie does to my hips.

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