I hate table saws

I have a reasonable amount of skill with circular saws, jig saws, compound miter saws, tile saws, & most hand saws.  Can’t work a reciprocating saw because my hand isn’t large enough to pull the trigger and set the safety.  I’m improving on my routing skills.  I flippin’ hate table saws.  I just burned one of the oak thresholds.  Yes.  Burned.  Trust me.  The house smells like the inside of a fire pit.  No, I wasn’t sawing inside.  Burned oak smell travels.

It’s my dad.  When I was in high school, he buzzed the top of his right thumb clean off with a table saw at work.   One might argue with the scope of this project that I’m a gal with a overdeveloped sense of confidence in her abilities.  Put me in front of a table saw and all of a sudden I’m a meek little mouse.  When it comes to power tools, meek equals… well, danger, sure, but a shit cut as well.  GAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I made progress in the kitchen since my last post?  Yes.  Am I going to talk about it right now?  No.  I’ll be over here pouting for a while.


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