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Really, I am still working on the kitchen

I’ve been avoiding adding new posts about the kitchen.   Crap on a cracker, this thing is taking forEVER.  We’ve been taking photos of each minor achievement, but I’m thinking no one needs to see the difference between loveliness in the freshly painted interior of the undersink cabinet compared with its pre-painted former self.  Um, ick.  So a quick catch up for you:

  1. Some cabinet doors have been hung.
  2. Of what is hanging, hardware has been added
  3. There was a small piece of veneer on the inside of where the range hood hangs that needed to be removed because I didn’t account for the width of the hood with the veneer.  This has not been repaired yet.
  4. The “wall” between the cabinet next to the sink and its partner to the left was cut to allow for a true blind corner.  This still needs to be trimmed & painted – both for aesthetic reasons and so that no one scrapes themselves on jagged wood.
  5. The cabinet above the dishwasher has been veneered.  It is my best work.  Which saddens me only because the cabinets I’ve already done aren’t.  Fortunately, since the whole “L” bottom cabinet set needs to be veneered, those will be super-nice.  Funny how doing things freehand ends up being better than following directions.
  6. Oh yes, the range hood is up and the ducting is nearly completely done.  Just some aluminum tape and we are golden.
  7. All the cabinet drawer fronts have been cut down to accept the new drawer fronts.  Those are still to be attached though.
  8. A slight bit more build out is needed for the 42 lower.  I need to add a filler piece at the corner else the knob on the adjacent cabinet will hit the drawer.
  9. The lip to set the sink into the plywood has been routed out.  This was no small feat and ended up with me attaching a patio door steel ball bearing to the bottom of the router as a guide to run it along the curve.  It totally worked.  When this is done, I will eventually take a class of some sort on how to work a router.  I have a feeling it would be fun once I get the nuances down.

Major items still to be done:

  1. Test cut the faucet holes into scrap soapstone.
  2. Cut the faucet holes into the real soapstone.
  3. Pull off sink area counters; detach sink etc…
  4. Pull cabinet away from wall and shim up.
  5. Finish dishwasher side panel to match the shimmed height (will also attach a ledger board to the wall to assist in holding up the soapstone.
  6. Install sink, counters, faucet.
  7. Rebuild soffits.
  8. Build closet.
  9. Back door.
  10. All trim.
  11. Oh yeah – THE BACKSPLASH.

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Of course the stove works!

Yes, you knew that already.  But tonight we had to do the official BAKING TEST FOR THE HOLIDAYS.  Or as it is also known, the obligatory stash of treats for the 2nd graders to celebrate you know who’s birthday on Monday.   The result is that the chocolate chips (what else?) came out fantastic.  They took FOREVER to bake though.  The first batch on a fully preheated oven took almost 18 minutes.  And this is the Nestle Tollhouse recipe that says 9 to 11.  The second batch took about 15.

Hmmm… what does this mean for the Christmas butter cookies?  Hard to screw up chocolate chips.  Quite easy to screw up butter cookies.  What about pie?  Too bad I don’t have time or inclination or room for THAT many spare calories on my hips to do many test batches.

Chocolate chip cookies.  Best. Cookie.  Ever.

Chocolate Chip Cookies. Best. Cookie. Ever.

For your drooling pleasure….


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I hate table saws

I have a reasonable amount of skill with circular saws, jig saws, compound miter saws, tile saws, & most hand saws.  Can’t work a reciprocating saw because my hand isn’t large enough to pull the trigger and set the safety.  I’m improving on my routing skills.  I flippin’ hate table saws.  I just burned one of the oak thresholds.  Yes.  Burned.  Trust me.  The house smells like the inside of a fire pit.  No, I wasn’t sawing inside.  Burned oak smell travels.

It’s my dad.  When I was in high school, he buzzed the top of his right thumb clean off with a table saw at work.   One might argue with the scope of this project that I’m a gal with a overdeveloped sense of confidence in her abilities.  Put me in front of a table saw and all of a sudden I’m a meek little mouse.  When it comes to power tools, meek equals… well, danger, sure, but a shit cut as well.  GAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Have I made progress in the kitchen since my last post?  Yes.  Am I going to talk about it right now?  No.  I’ll be over here pouting for a while.

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