Can I borrow a dollar? Or possibly 51 bucks?

The “sample” hinges came this week.   The frameless IKEA-like hinges did turn out to be a different model number.  The new one fits properly.  I scrounged around looking for cheaper sources and found them in Billings, MT.

Oh, the treasure!  First, nice prices.  Second, some extras for future projects here and here.  I’m calling these guys in the morning before I place my order because I need some drawer glide advice, but I thought I’d share the joy first.

Oh!  And the knobs and the handles came.  THEY ARE FANTASTIC!!!!  The knobs satisfy (I believe) my very particular guru’s requirements for comfort.  The handles satisfy mine – my fingers+rings don’t get stuck when I put my hand fully in the handle.  Which I had to train myself not to do because I’d get stuck.  You would think I have sausage fingers, but no.

Health Update: The little one had a mild fever this week.  Two days home sick.  Naturally, my turn next.  My mild fever doesn’t want to entirely leave, but I’m functional.  He is now exhausted from covering for me and many too many meetings after school last week running him ragged.  Still have pain in my hands, but our insurance changed so I need to pursue finding a REAL doctor who can fix me.


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