Roof repair – check! Next?

Got up on the roof today with the tar and gooped up many tiny little cracks.  I would have brought up the camera to document some before and after, but that just seemed dumb.  I don’t mind heights, but that might be pushing it even for me.

I wish I could say that I’m looking forward to the next rain storm to ensure my work holds.  I’m not.  Keeping the dry-rot out of this discussion, my work stretched the life of that roof 9 years.  I know my work will hold – slapping roofing tar around isn’t exactly brain surgery.   Especially when you subscribe to the more=better theory of tar.  I will just worry about the cracks I didn’t see.

I will wait for that rainstorm before I re-paint that area of her room.  I don’t want to do that twice.

And the curtain rod in the dining room pulled out of the wall today.  &**^%^%$#@.  Serenity-freakin-now.



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6 responses to “Roof repair – check! Next?

  1. Lola

    How did that happen? Oh I bet you used those small drywall anchors that you just pound in that come with rods. That happened to me upstairs, too. You know what I am going to suggest…my favorite pre-drilled drywall anchors…and I saw them sitting in your dining room…

    Good for you for playing with tar and pitch and goo and stuff. I am sure you did a fantastic job!

    • 10thingsatonce

      No dearie pie, we used the “good” anchors. The rod is just wicked heavy, what with drapes, etc… Oh, and I put the blackout liners on that rod the day before it bent. A connection? Well, yes. Likely.

      Oh, me. How do I live with myself?

  2. Lola

    Sounds like your blackout liners might have tipped the scales. Or it’s not the anchors at all but, instead, crumbling walls.

    • 10thingsatonce

      No. I refuse to believe there is a crumbling wall in the dining room. There is no forensic evidence of such. Keep this quiet so the drywall gods don’t hear you.

  3. Lola

    Well, just get Horatio Caine and his team to investigate. They can assess the situation and discover, almost instantaneously, if the walls are crumbling. They can also determine via DNA analysis who did such a shitty job on your roof.

    • 10thingsatonce

      Can’t. I think it needs to be Melina Kanakaredies (sp?). The dining room is blue, remember?

      The roof culprit – all signs point to the same guy who drew the picture of the butt on the kitchen wall. No carbon dating available, but I gotta gut feeling.

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