Mercury, roofing tar, and some perspective

Ack.  I’ve been whining a lot lately.  I’ll attribute it to Mercury being in retrograde. I’ll be back to happy on the 30th.  But while I’m at it:

Would you like to know why I’m whining today?  The roof is leaking.  The roof that is MANY years past its prime.  We are saving our pennies for our dry rot repair (10K+), and will probably have the roof done then as well, since they have to peel part of it back to fix the wall.

But it leaked in her room.  Her pretty NEWLY painted purple room.  And now – on top of having to climb up on the roof with the tar and repair the tiniest crack ever – we have to get out the primer and paint and touch-up the wall under her window where the water found exit to the interior.  You can see it everytime you walk in there.  Cause the leak came in all black and yucky as it grabbed 90 years of interior wall dirt with it on its descent.

A leak was bound to happen since we are pushing the re-roof job to its limits.  Wish it was in our room and not hers.  But I’m annoyed because the place that it is leaking from is the edge cap where the roofer applied this two course process goo that clearly has a shelf life of only a few years.  Because it has shrunk back from the edge and the crack is at the tippy top of the stucco where it meets the roof cap.

Yes, there are plenty of other things to be gloomy about.  I’m burned out on the kitchen.  I need new glasses.  And we were not so gently reminded of the preciousness of life as one of his old college friends was just killed in a motorcycle accident on Friday.  So perspective returns and we spent much of this weekend talking or hanging out.  It is very easy to make a hurried miscalculation – we ALL do it.  But very sad when the mistake is such a final one.   Rest in Peace, John.



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2 responses to “Mercury, roofing tar, and some perspective

  1. Lola

    Yes, it takes a tragedy to put all in perspective. I am sorry about the water leak and the mess it made. I’m not surprised, though, after seeing what damage has been done to your bedroom. At least this is not the rainy season and you have some time to patch things. That’s a good thing.

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