E pluribus cabinetum

What once was three now is one

Leveling, leveling, leveling – NOT for fun

Securely it hangs above the range

Veneering begins tomorrow  – a new task, so strange

I nearly threw up today.  We’d had the whole thing up but for two last screws in the center cabinet.  And the cabinet torqued at the top.  My hours of screwing those bastards together so that the veneering would be seamless and the whole damn top front piece of the range hood cabinet tilted 20 degrees backward.

Fortunately, cooler heads prevailed and he fixed it.  Mostly because I was useless what with being all green and in the fetal position on the floor.

We/he decided that I’d spend tomorrow applying the veneer to these cabinets because I need to start seeing some “pretty” before I rip the whole thing off the wall.  So yes, you can see a pic.  Just remember that the pretty isn’t there yet.

New Trusty shows us the floor drops off > 1/2 inch

New Trusty shows us the floor drops off > 1/2 inch

Ready, Set, Heave...

Ready, Set, Heave...

Ho.....ly crap it's up.

Ho.....ly crap it's up.


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One response to “E pluribus cabinetum

  1. Lola

    Pretty will make you much less nauseous. It looks fantastic to me already.

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