Metafunctional Cabinet #1

I made up a new phrase.  Deal.  The contents of any given cabinet will be loaded and unloaded a minimum of 5 times before this is over.  The alternative was to box everything up and use the same pan and three glasses.  Unacceptable to me.   But the glimpse of being able to stack a set of dishes in one spot without a separate set of bowls on top of it is so COOL!

The 42 inch upper is in place!  Is it perfect?  No.  Is it great?  YES! I’ll post pics, but bear in mind – no veneer is on yet.  Awesome is still to come.  It went up fairly easily.  Marked off studs, installed and leveled ledger board, marked pre-drill holes for cabinet, a couple of clamps, and boom!  Up like a kite taking off in a gentle breeze.

New Trusty - since old trusty wasn't wide enough

New Trusty - since old trusty wasn't wide enough

Some Final Adjustments

Some Final Adjustments

Gorgeous!  Except for the not gorgeous parts.

Gorgeous! Except for the not gorgeous parts.



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6 responses to “Metafunctional Cabinet #1

  1. Lola

    But can you still use Old Trusty? I miss him so…I don’t think New Trusty has the spunk and sass of my Old friend.

    By the way, it looks great! And I love seeing the Oreo cookie jar on the counter.

  2. 10thingsatonce

    Old Trusty will likely make an appearance with the backsplash tile. Or, I could dismember him and use him for one of the stiles I need to add :). Hey, at least he’d have given of himself fully that way, right?

    I think calling it a “counter” is generous, but thanks! We are pleased that this is the direction the layout ended up taking. It feels so much more normal.

    Hopefully today was the shot in the arm we needed to keep pushing on.

  3. Lola

    It was cortisone to keep you hoeing.

  4. 10thingsatonce

    Funny. This is SO a rhetorical question, but please tell me why your brother goes to a doctor in pain and gets a shot and recovers, then *I* go to the same freakin doctor, he doesn’t even touch me and sends me for random xrays and to come back in TWO WEEKS.

    I ended up going to Farmer Joe’s to get a 10 minute chair massage. Which didn’t fix it either, but at least it felt like a better use of the funds.

  5. Lola

    This predicament confirms the gender gap in medical care. Go find another doctor.

  6. 10thingsatonce

    I’m on it! Since we’re changing insurance this open enrollment anyway….

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