Cabinet progression

Again, no pics.  On purpose.

Cabinet above the stove:

  • Completed cutting holes for vent.
  • Ready to Install.  Although I’m looking at the ductwork that fell down two months ago and the INSIDE of that ductwork.  Ick.  Perhaps a trip for fresh sheet metal?

30″ upper cabinet to right of stove:

  • Fully lacquered and ready to install.

42″ upper cabinet for the new “L”:

  • Inside has touch-up paint.
  • Bottom veneer color paint complete.
  • Still to do = lacquer.  Do I need it?  Especially since I JUST said that I’m only lacquering the bottom of the cabinets by the stove.  No.  But it really does look better.  And no, I’m not going to lacquer the two cabinets that are still hanging near the sink.  Those really will just have to make do with paint.

An interesting dilemma came up today.  For the wall cabinets on the stove wall – do we attach all three together and THEN install?  Or put them up one at a time?  We originally both had assumed the latter.  But I am “borrowing” from the cabinet stiles on either side of the stove to install the doors in frameless fashion – as the stove doors technically behaved that way when it was a different configuration.  And I need the cabinets completely flush with ZERO room for error.  Not like most people don’t need that too with their cabinets.  But I REALLY need it.

So, we’re tabling that for today.

And I’m really thinking we need to paint – at least partial walls – before we put the uppers back.



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3 responses to “Cabinet progression

  1. Lola

    Well I’m really thinking I want to see pictures.

  2. Lola

    If you can put it back together securely before hanging them, then you should do that. You’d have more ability to connect them from the back and above then. Then you can clamp them or glue them to make them really really flush. Because you REALLY need that.

    So if it looks better with lacquer, then lacquer them all. Why are you not lacquering some of them? Is it because you are lacquering outside and it’s really smelly? Then I understand.

    I think fresh sheet metal will make it very nice and you won’t think about all that yuck up there. Go for it.

    Pictures, please.

  3. 10thingsatonce

    Hopefully tomorrow you’ll have something to look at. We expect to put the 42″ upper up tomorrow. It will be good practice for the “3 cabinet progression” above.

    Oh yeah – pain update – waiting for x-ray results of my hand and neck. Won’t find out til next week. And I further wrenched something in my shoulder blade last night. I am a muscle mess right now.

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