Imagine my cabinets

I’m not taking pictures of my progress right now.  It is all prep work and prep work isn’t pretty.  It would be like taking a picture of a room you just painted with a primer coat.  Dullsville.  So I’ll describe it and you will be more excited.

Upper cabinet to the left of the stove :

  • Laquered.
  • Bottom is painted to match the veneers.
  • Ready to install.
  • Cabinet above the stove:

  • Repaired, since I’d taken the back and sides off the 36″ cabinet to re-create a 30″ cabinet.
  • Laquered.
  • Vent holes drawn to allow for 3″x10″ vent for range hood.
  • Can’t cut them til tomorrow because we need to borrow the jig saw from the Tool Lending Library.
  • 30″ upper cabinet to the right of the stove:

  • Interior is touched up.
  • Left side is built out with luan and shims since that side initially was against a wall and I needed a flush side.
  • Bottom has two coats of veneer-color paint.  Needs another and then laquer on the bottom to protect it from cooking splatters.
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    2 responses to “Imagine my cabinets

    1. Lola

      You’re getting there! But why did you decide to paint the bottom cabinets with veneer colored paint if they are going to be laquered and veneered? Was that just in case you have gaps or leaking or cracks or something?

    2. 10thingsatonce

      Bottoms were not going to be veneered. Those flat panels were entirely too expensive to justify buying that many more to cover the bottoms. The woman at the cabinet place actually suggested it. The only ones that I bought veneers for were the two IKEA 12″ upper cabinets and the fridge cabinet because I would not be able to nicely paint the bottoms of those. That might be enough to fool the eye on the L since those two cabinets bookend it and will hang a little lower.

      And the paint color looks really close. Given that it is paint and not stain and you can’t really see wood grain anymore.

      So the laquer there actually acts as a normal protective topcoat from cooking/grease splatters. And given how those cabinets looked to begin with – SO NECESSARY!

      Also, if we end up doing undercabinet lighting, there will be a space to nest it slightly.

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