Returning to the scene of the crime

We are back after 15 days back east visiting friends & my family and touring where the history comes from.  The last bit not being completely true to west coasters, as you’ve had a decent amount of your own history.  It’s just different back there.  And green.

Walked back into the kitchen and remembered that we’d opened all those kitchen cabinet door boxes to let them breathe.  Each door was covered tightly in a padded wrapping and I was afraid that 2 weeks closed up tight in the summer might have melted that padding to the doors.  Since we’d decided to do this unpacking the hour before the cab came to pick us up, the kitchen looked a bit like Christmas morning at Bob Vila’s house.  Which was a little disheartening to return to – especially since I knew I had to catalog that we received each door and drawer front and all were the exact right size.   Not a fun task to contemplate after jet lag.  It is now done and all the packaging is in various states of disposal in the driveway.

Pain update: I’m going to the doctor on Tuesday – the earliest I could get an appointment.  The tendonitis is still bad all through my right arm.  All knuckles on both hands have arthritic aches and my left knee makes a sound like plastic grocery bags softly rustling when I go down stairs.  The humidity and crazy amounts of walking for the last two weeks exacerbated all this.


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