The lost art of customer service

The eBay guy who sold me the faucet that I wanted emailed me today to tell me – oops, after all, we didn’t actually HAVE that faucet in stock, but how about a weird white faucet instead?  Um.  No.  Gimme my money back.  Now. (He did.)

I don’t get the sense that this eBay seller was a huge conglomerate – and many of them are.  He also wasn’t some dude selling supplies out of his basement either.  He’s just a guy who found a niche selling discontinued products and doesn’t bother to consider that people might want the product he’s advertised instead of what he’s trying to push out the door. A weird position to take when you are selling items through a function that encourages buyer feedback on transactions.  (Nope, didn’t leave feedback.  But I could.)

The thing that I find interesting is that throughout this kitchen remodel, I’ve had this type of experience 4 times so far.  I’m really savvy when it comes to buying over the internet and I’m getting stuck with less than stellar follow-through.  Actually, come to think of it, I’ve had this happen with local businesses too,  so it isn’t just internet purchases.  I feel bad for people who aren’t as experienced.  Their frustration level must be to the roof.

I think it is back to Amazon unless I find the faucet at a more reliable company.  At least I know THEY deliver what I buy.


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One response to “The lost art of customer service

  1. Lola

    Well, it was worth a try…I’m impressed with your reluctance to leave a poor rating. You are a kind buyer – 100% A++++++

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