Today’s forecast is ice packs

Geez.  Pain radiating down from my right shoulder all the way to my thumb.  I KNOW it is chronic tendonitis.  If it were acute, I’d go do what he did and get a cortisone shot myself.  I just need to lay off the whole arm for a week or something.  Which is not consistent with my plans.  The cabinets are STILL sitting outside waiting for our attention.  Forget about the crochet projects I’ve also planned on completing in my “down” time. Grrrrrr…..  Or perhaps it is time to bring HER back:





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2 responses to “Today’s forecast is ice packs

  1. Lola

    Just go and relax! All the stuff is at home waiting for you and you’ll feel so much better when you get back. Plus, you get to stay in hotels.

    • 10thingsatonce

      For 3, maybe 4 nights max. Else, staying at mom’s and fixing stuff at her house. So the break is just in changing WHAT I’m working on.

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