Doors are early!

Four big boxes showed up this morning with our cabinet door and drawerfronts.  We’ve only unpacked one just to see – and it is very pretty.  Much nicer than we expected.PrettyCabinetDoor

Oh wait – Fedex just dropped off box #5.  Cool.

Don’t mind the camera flash – that was the last shot I took before the camera ran out of batteries, so it was this one or waiting til later.



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4 responses to “Doors are early!

  1. Lola

    That door looks wonderful. Now you don’t have to worry about their delivery while you are gone!

    I will now say you are nearing 50% completion.

    • 10thingsatonce

      50%? To me, the kitchen looks much the same as it did on Sunday when you left. I will say I’m 90% done with BUYING stuff though.

      I got as far as bidding on the faucet. Now I have to pay for it. Which is as simple as clicking a Paypal button. Wonder what is wrong with me and why I’m dragging my feet?

  2. Lola

    Because you are, perhaps, a little intimidated with the whole cutting/cleaning/sanding/lacquering/veneering/repositioning steps. It’s the cabinets.s You’ve got to finish them. And you’re paralyzed until you get them done. So go on your trip and come back and finish them. But click the Paypal button NOW. You’ll be glad you did.

    • 10thingsatonce

      I clicked the button.

      Yes. Intimidated. Or I have a fear of success. Not failure, since failing would mean the kitchen would look worse than when I started. Which is unlikely.

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