Soapstone is in sight!

Last Saturday we popped into the city and plunked down the dough to buy the soapstone slabs.  I’m not at all sure how or why things have been consistently working out this way, but the very nature of our delay allowed the stock to turnover such that we ended up with absolutely BEAUTIFUL slabs with lovely veining.  I have no pics because we only had the cell phone camera.

After much deliberation about hefting these puppies, we decided to pay the extra money to have the 72 inch slab cut to a more manageable size.  Himself and VHU (Very Helpful Uncle) should be able to manage these pretty easily.

Delivery will be Monday – BEFORE our trip.  Yea!!!!!

Installation ? Well……  that might be a bit longer.  Or not.  We’d have to have all the cabinets back in and shimmed.  Possible.  I guess I’d better get my backside off the couch pretty soon then.


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One response to “Soapstone is in sight!

  1. Lola

    Just put the soapstone in the garage, enjoy your trip, and get ready to finish the project once you’ve returned and your arm/wrist feels better.

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