Did I mention the sink is dented?

I called the sink place today and they will send out a replacement as well as a call tag for the existing sink.  They assure me that the new sink is the exact same as the one in the garage.  The dent is fairly minor and on the rim which will be hidden by the countertop.  I was unsuccessful in getting them to simply give me a partial refund.

I think I will buy the Jasmine faucet off the eBay guy.  Can’t really justify paying triple to buy it elsewhere.  I just have to decide what my “offer” will be.

Just bought the dishwasher clips.  They *may* be here early next week.

My arm/elbow/thumb is killing me so I decided to head to the movies.  Saw The Proposal.  Funny & cute.  I was the only one in the theater for quite a while which made the whole laughing-out-loud thing funnier cause I echoed.  Srsly.

Popped into IKEA on the way back and pondered the GORM closet solution (and gave myself a papercut on their measuring tapes).  Here is the deal.  The support posts are made of fairly thin wood that has a sharktooth joint every 12 inches or so – effectively NOT a solid single piece of wood.  The shelves could be cut down narrower to accommodate something between 19 and 30 inches, but I’d need to dismantle them a bit to do it.  Dismantle IKEA?  Yes.  Odd.  Is it sturdy enough to do the job?  Yes.  Would MDF posts work better?  Mebee.  I took the little GORM handout and will reflect further on the actual cost to outfit the closet to my preferences.  If it really would be cheaper, I’ll do it.  Else it is back to Home Depot.



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5 responses to “Did I mention the sink is dented?

  1. Lola

    I’m glad you checked out the Gorm stuff. Isn’t there a shelf that is smaller in size so you can use two of those to get near the 40 inch width? How are the shelves attached to the posts? clips or brackets or just holes/pegs?

    It’s nice you’re getting an undented sink with no shipping charges to return the other. Who knows? That dent could have caused some leaking issues over time.

    did you email the faucet guy?

  2. 10thingsatonce

    The two smaller shelves together are REALLY small. I’d have to do some serious wrangling to get the microwave in there – and I’d be unlikely to get it back out. It is because the posts are on the flat side facing you and that takes up 6 inches on the entry of the shelf.

    They are held together with holes/bolts. Easy peasey.

    I told them to forget about the sink. The dent is at the lip, it would end up getting shipped here while we are gone, it is VERY subtle – more like a bump that could be pressed out, and while I doubt we’d get to it before we leave, if it isn’t even here, then we WON’T get to it. I have full confidence it won’t turn into a leak where it is.

    I emailed the faucet guy – it has everything I need. I just need to BUY it now.

  3. Lola

    So buy it for goodness sake! Hoe, hoe, hoe!!!! He even emailed you back! What are you waiting for?

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