Gratitude and rows to hoe

The floor tile is done.  Without my sister-in-law, we’d still be working on this floor sometime into 2010.  I know she’s exhausted as well, especially since she spent the days prior to her arrival fixing her irrigation system and being a huge support to friends and neighbors.

The woman does not quit.  And I totally do.  I once had a boss – who I regretably didn’t show much respect to at the time – who told a story about two farmers (which I’ll paraphrase badly since I’m not one).  Both farmers were working hard in the fields.  One farmer stopped wherever he was at the end of the day and began working hard again the next morning.  The other farmer always made a point to hoe to the end of the row, sometimes taking until dark.  At the end of the week, the first farmer was only halfway done, but the second farmer had his fields all ready to plant.  The little bit of extra effort resulted in a more plentiful crop, riches untold, many children – you get the picture.  The first farmer?  Left his wife and spend the rest of his life in jail because he couldn’t hack it as a bank robber either.

Ok, so I totally made up the last part.  But for certain, he never had a kitchen floor that looked like this:

Tee hee!  So pretty!

Tee hee! So pretty!

So thank you to “Lola” and to her hubby for giving her to us for 6 days while we banged this out.  There is still tons to do, but the fridge and stove are back in the kitchen.  The dishwasher has the world’s most inventive tile mosaic under it.  The paint color has been chosen.  One outlet has been moved and I’m confident I can add another one now.  And the closet design has been finalized.

I completely would have thrown in the towel a number of times, but she kept me going with just enough of a push to get to a good stopping point each day (which frequently ended past midnight).  So thank you to my design guru for hoeing to the end of the row.


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One response to “Gratitude and rows to hoe

  1. Lola

    Keep hoeing, gal! You can do it without me! Hoe, hoe!

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