Fashioning oak

I had high hopes of banging through every bit of cabinetry & carpentry while the he and she were in Yosemite for a few days.  Alas, I’m too tired.  And kind of lonely.  It is way more – well, fun is a strong word, but we’ll say motivating – to work on the kitchen WITH people.  Much harder to keep going on my own.

Today I cut the oak for the thresholds to the dining room and tiny hallway.  I’m starting with a 6 inch board and will rout and shape it bit by bit until it works for each doorway.  The routing and shaping require a router or a table saw – neither of which is at the house at the moment.  You’ll get the general idea here:

Dining Room doorway

Dining Room doorway

Still needs stain too...

Still needs stain too...


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One response to “Fashioning oak

  1. Lola

    They look very nice. I am sure they will look great once you trim and stain them.

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