Dishwasher nervousness

We took the countertop off the dishwasher to facilitate both tiling under it and the removal of the side panel which had an old powderpost beetle infestation.  The tile job was fantastic – orchestrated wonderfully by my sister-in-law.



We had just returned the tile saw to the tool lending library before deciding this needed to be done.  She took all the tile scraps I’d cut during the day and made a mosaic tile puzzle.  Last piece – clearly I was feeling punchy – to make it work I took a small scrap and broke it with a hammer.  And it fit!  Confidence level – HIGH.

Fast forward to today.  After a number of calls to track down the side mounting clip part I needed, the appliance store guy said that the dishwasher doesn’t ACTUALLY need to be attached to anything just to run it (the clips aren’t in stock ANYWHERE locally).  The clips are for safety so it doesn’t tip over while it is open.  True enough it seems.  But I’m still sitting here on the floor with a powerful flashlight making sure there aren’t any leaks.  I’m still going to try to get the clips quickly, but I needed to see if this would work.

And geez, it is LOUD when there isn’t a top or side muffling all the noise.  It’s making my teeth rattle.

ETA:  Teeny bit of water right at the front right leg.  Not certain if that is residual water that may have been in the door when I loaded it.  Hmmmm….


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