Whatcha doin’?

Sound the trumpets, the second brigade is landing today! Reinforcements aka the task master aka sis-in-law aka my design guru is arriving today with my niece (aka babysitter extraordinaire!).  Nephew and brother-in-law arrive later in the week!

I’ve not given updates for a few days, but to encapsulate, he is largely recovered, I’ve newly injured my LEFT wrist, I’ve done about half of the cabinetry repair (adding sides to parts that didn’t have finished sides), and we are painting the ceiling this morning.  Because the heat is coming.  Oh, the heat is coming.  It has been unseasonably cool – which is ALWAYS GOOD – up until yesterday.  Right when the major exhaustive work is starting and will be crazy hot the rest of the week.

Still to purchase – yet another run to Home Depot, the wall paint, the faucet, any and all trim (that will SO happen in August), wall tile, beadboard, the closet doors, the hinges, the door pulls, oh yeah – the SOAPSTONE.  I’m not going to list anymore because that will remind me that I’m a bit overbudget.  Ouch.


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