7 Days, 7 bucks, and the sink

So…… we’re officially in the ranks of people whose kitchen project went on for quite a bit longer than expected. Is it as bad as it could be?  Nope.  Not even close.  But my back teeth are a little ground down today.  I had a dream last night about how messy my counters were (and yes, they really are).  In order to put myself back to sleep, I mentally organized my future pantry closet.  Which worked.  (Really?  I know.  I was shocked too.  Normally stuff like that would keep me up for two hours.  What does that mean?)

New challenge for the last 24 hours is that I received an email from Overstock.com (the peeps from whom I ordered the kitchen sink for a ROCKIN’ price).  Seemingly, my sink – the one that I was expecting via Fedex ground tomorrow morning – was damaged on the loading dock or some such and “sorry, but we’re refunding your money” too bad for you since we are out of stock on that one blah blah blah.

Searched high and low – found the same sink on ebay – and waited patiently through the morning to find out from the guy how much expedited shipping was.  By noon, I hadn’t heard so I called.  Funny – despite them having 6 or more listings for that sink on ebay, amazon, and wherever else – they were out of stock and wouldn’t get any in until the 20th.  Maybe.  Hmmmf!

Kept on it and found a different 16 gauge sink with a bottom rack, but their expedited shipping was like 200 bucks.  Or 17 if I just waited until next Thursday.  And with the 17 bucks, it is 7 dollars cheaper than the Overstock sink.  But arrives 7 days later.  Which impacts when we can order the soapstone slabs.  Which means unless  no one in the Bay Area wants soapstone counters for the next two weeks, we are talking mid-August for delivery.

The pain report:  he is somewhat improved, but still shouldn’t be doing much with that arm.  Yet, he moved big heavy things for me today.  I really hope he isn’t setting himself back.  Yeah, the kitchen, but we as a family need him to have mobility in his left arm.  For stuff like throwing balls, bowling, swimming, and scooping ice cream.

Today’s progress : leveled most of the stove wall floor with plywood so we can go over the whole area with backerboard hopefully in the next day or so.

Here is a question for you – exactly how much space should be on each side of the stove?  Minimal I would think, but exactly how much?  Same question for the fridge (it will be between the closet and the 18 inch cab).



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5 responses to “7 Days, 7 bucks, and the sink

  1. Lola

    On each side of our stove the countertop is totally flush to the cabinet. No overlap at all. There is a total of about 1/2 inch gap and it accommodates leveling issues. That is a total – not on each side. Actually 5/16 on one side, 2/16 on the other. The countertop on the refrigerator side does have an overhang, and therefore the distance is about 1 inch from the cabinet. The other side is a wall and there is a 1 1/4 inch gap.

  2. Lola

    Re sink and soapstone, can you get the template sent early?

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