Tendons are useful – like licorice

Injuries sustained:

Him – tendonitis (or something) in his left shoulder.  Painful enough to pull him off major lifting for a few days.  Painful enough to visit the doctor today for a cortisone shot.  Feeling much better and hopes to left his arm above his head in the next day or so.

Me – tendonitis down my whole right arm, radiating from my shoulder/neck area aggravated by just about anything – typing (oops), walking, power tool wielding, picking up my child.  As of one hour ago, it traveled to my sciatic nerve so now I’m walking through the house looking like I won last place in a belly dancing contest.  Oh, and a little arthritis in my fingers.  Heck, that is probably tendonitis too.

We both are using a rest, ice, and ibuprofen regimen to recover.  You know – in between pulling tiles off the countertops.  Well, that was him, not me.  Cause it wasn’t above his head.

Current countertop surface is a lovely shade of dried mortar until we pop the plywood off sometime next week I think.  The soapstone order is on hold until the sink is delivered (Friday) as we need the sink template for them to cut the hole.

See ya ugly broken tiles!

See ya ugly broken tiles!

NOT soapstone

NOT soapstone



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3 responses to “Tendons are useful – like licorice

  1. Lola

    I’ll be there Monday to the rescue! Take it easy until then. BTW, where is our trusty board? What did we call him?

  2. 10thingsatonce

    Old Trusty.

    Currently in the dorm room I think. Along with many of this ledger board partners that we used for the bathroom tub walls.

  3. Lola

    I knew it. Old Trusty. I sure have missed him. Can’t wait to use him again.

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