Feet of clay and cabinets of maple

The cabinet door order is IN.  I’m really grateful that I dragged my feet for so many weeks about placing this order since this week ended up with a layout change that materially changed the number of doors I needed to order.  Huge positive there.

However, the stress point for having left this order until this point is twofold.  First, they won’t be shipped until late July – meaning that if by some stroke of luck we are done with most everything else, we’ll have bald cabinets until later in August.  Second, there is a solid chance that they will be delivered when we are back east.  I suppose I could have waited until Monday and called the company to discuss this point with them.  Perhaps the best scenario is that they ship them even later – perhaps early August.  (Who am I kidding?  Best case is they give me a rush turnaround for FREE!)  Worst case is that my neighbor will have to take them for me.

I wonder how big a box you need for 23 doors and 7 drawers and if he’d be ok with them being in his living room…



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2 responses to “Feet of clay and cabinets of maple

  1. Lola

    So next week is floor first?

  2. 10thingsatonce

    Pretty much.

    I’ve cut apart the upper cabinets into single units and will start sanding and prepping them.

    Then I need to cut pass-through holes in the 42 incher, so we can use it as a blind corner. And pop the counter off it and its partner in the corner for good leveling. It is possible we could just clamp it in place and not install it permanently – game day decision on that one.

    And then the floor.

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