Interesting? Yes. Surprising? Well…..

Um… funny story.  Just was in the middle of writing an email and heard a noise behind me – the vent for the range hood that was resting on the open soffit frame fell suddenly downward.  We are VERY lucky a stray telephone wire running through the attic stopped its descent else I’d be blogging about a busted oven top right about now.

Upon further investigation, the thing had separated completely from the roof vent.  Ok, so hubby takes the vent off.  Problem solved?  Well, no – I CAN SEE DAYLIGHT!  This is not working for me given that two squirrels were playing chase up on the roof at 6:30 this morning.  I climbed up on the roof and taped a huge plastic bag around the vent – NOW, problem solved.  At least until we get to the part of the project where we have to attach the vent back up there with effectively no access to the attic.

I’ll have to add another item to my project list, I guess.   I think I’ll call it – “Turn into Elasticgirl, shimmy up into the 1 1/2 ft tall attic, and reattach hood vent to roof vent.”  It’s fine.  These things happen and while we might have foreseen it, whatever.  But we will be learning more about vents.  Not a bad thing.

Here is where the vent was resting

Here is where the vent was resting



Fully detached

Fully detached

THIS is going to be interesting

THIS is going to be interesting



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2 responses to “Interesting? Yes. Surprising? Well…..

  1. Lola

    Sorry I haven’t asked sooner – how was the shimmying?

  2. 10thingsatonce

    No shimmying yet. I’m a little mentally hamstrung about how we are going to get that back up there. From the ceiling opening to the roof opening is longer than any of our arms (2+ feet).

    I think I need to read more about how one attaches these things “new” and hope that we aren’t pulling down a bunch of ceiling sheetrock to make this reachable.

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