The peninsula was kicked to the curb

So…. another layout edit.  We are dumping the built in peninsula and going for a counter height narrow pub table type thing – with 2 bar stools.  Something like this.  Greaaaaaaat – another item to scour the world to find dirt cheap.  Whoopee.

This will save us money on soapstone as that extra square footage would have added another whole slab to the order.  Unfortunately, those 2 IKEA cabinets can’t be returned, but we can use them easily in the dorm room for hanging storage. I may end up getting a smaller desk as well – we’ll see if that is necessary.

This will leave us with our original eat-in-kitchen function intact, but still give me a visual break for as long as I keep my office in the kitchen.  And seating for that morning bowl of cereal.

In other news, my back door IS 30 inches wide.  And my current door shade is very, very long.  If you know why I’m mentioning this, then you know that I am going to say YES to my sister-in-law’s awesome idea if she’s still offering.  Details to follow…



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9 responses to “The peninsula was kicked to the curb

  1. Lola

    I’ll bring it up next week!

    • 10thingsatonce

      Totally forgot about overstock! This one is good too – I’ll look there too.

      Again, upon waking, I’m liking this whole table thing idea more & more. It makes the floor install easier too since I was going to have to tile AROUND that peninsula and not under it and THAT advanced the dishwasher cabinet repair inappropriately.

  2. Lola

    Here’s the Nantucket set in black. I couldn’t find it in black anywhere else. This could work!

    • 10thingsatonce

      Your brother says “That’s actually kind of nice.” A relief.

      There technically isn’t any hurry for this purchase since it doesn’t hinge on anything structurally (and would be in the way right now). I’ve got to focus on that damn cabinet door order and the sink order. Then I’ll come back to the table set.

      I like that you are giving me many places to try. Do you think we should do black or stick with brown (like the Target table – although it had no stools)?

      I’ll post pics later of the veneer panels – they came yesterday. They are a teeny tiny bit lighter than the sample I showed you.

      Huge thank you for your research – it is a big help!

  3. Lola

    I think I like the black better than the wood. It would recede rather than stand out (that is, if the wood stain is not the same color as the cabinets.) Also, I like how the Nantucket has the drawer, the towel bar and the wood underneath where you can store the benches.

    • 10thingsatonce

      Good point.

      I’m thinking the towel bar can be left off or moved to the left during assembly, because the drawer needs to face the back door. Should work.

      At the same time, I may pop over to target in person with a veneer swatch to see how far off it is.

      Your brother loves it when I ask his opinion about 2 things and then ask him why the one he didn’t choose isn’t better than the one he did. I’m quite delightful, dontcha think?

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