Boots on the ground – Part 1

Very Helpful Uncle (VHU) came today to assist with picking up the floor tile from the distributor AND to help get the last wall cabinet detached.

Soffit is bald and so is the wall

Soffit is bald and so is the wall

Once detached, we were able to play “let’s check out to see if everything looks good in its new home”.  Well….. turns out Design Guru’s fears were correct.  Having the black fridge so close to the entry of the kitchen was AWFUL.

Password required for entry

Password required for entry

It cut off the natural light and made it seem like you needed a super secret password to even enter what really is a spacious kitchen.  We also tried my initial idea of having the fridge sit on the blank wall with a small cabinet to make the “L”.  Also a little wonky.

The final configuration – as of this moment, since things could change again by morning – is that the fridge stays near to where it is, just scooted closer to the kitchen entry along with the 18″ cabinet, the stove, and now the 30″ cabinet replaces the 42″ cabinet.

The fridge only moves about 18" closer to the entrance

The fridge only moves about 18" closer to the entrance

This allows for an open sight line when entering the kitchen and the fridge will sit next to the new closetry, so blocks no light.

Struggles that are born as a result of this – outlets on the stove side are no longer in an optimal space,

Box on left hidden by WALLPAPER!

Box on left hidden by WALLPAPER!

I have to re-work if I purchased enough veneers, re-think the doors, the two closets (which I fought hard to keep) are going to be narrower, and you-know-who is having second thoughts on the soapstone and my mini-peninsula.  The latter two probably not having anything to do with today, but came up nonetheless.

In other words, a typical day under construction where pen to paper doesn’t always match boots on the ground decisions.  I’m just glad I hadn’t cut the wall cabinets apart yet!



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3 responses to “Boots on the ground – Part 1

  1. Lola

    Are the wall cabinets still going to be cut? Isn’t the right side of the upper the match for the 42 inch cabinet? And are you going to put those above the 42 on the blank wall side?

    You know, one big closet with a divider inside will work…and it will be easier to frame.

    The 18 inches that the fridge is moving over may not seem like a lot, but I bet it will work better and not seem out of place. Will moving the stove 6 inches to the right mess up the venting above? Will the ikea cabinets now go above the 30 on the right of the stove? I am trying to process this all…

  2. 10thingsatonce

    ALL wall cabinets will now be cut. We had a situation where the L that was above and to the right of the original fridge placement was going to remain. That is no longer true.

    Yes, 42 is still above 42 and still on blank wall. That whole sink and blank wall run are remaining as the original design from that posted layout.

    Closet – as long as I plop the right-hand floor plate down in the right place, we can noodle the rest when you get here.

    Moving the stove 6 inches will not be a problem – that hunkin’ piece of vent will be easy to slightly re-direct. Hard to see in the pic. Will still need to be centered above the stove, but I think it will be fine.

  3. 10thingsatonce

    Woops – I meant I am cutting the L that was above and to the LEFT of the fridge (you know, that original 30 cab you thought was crazy).

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