Nearly all juiced up

The electrician and his son (visiting from Germany) were here today adding the new outlets we so desperately needed.  On the topic of the archaeology of my house, we determined definitively that the blank wall in the kitchen was original to the house.  The interior of the wall is sheetrock, but when he cut it open to add the new outlet box – check out what we see!

Plaster and lath, baby!

Plaster and lath, baby!

The other side of this wall is a lovely arched nook in my dining room.

The arch in my dining room.

The arch in my dining room.Don't mind the mess on the hutch!

The ONLY piece of architecture or charm in the whole house that looked like it belonged here.  Because it DOES!  Yippee!

The unfinished business of the day is that the appliance store included the wrong cord for the stove, so the electrician is 90% done and will be back later today with the right cord and hook the stove up. And tomorrow morning – oat bran party at my house!

UPDATE:  Electrician was back quickly and the stove is ON!  We are running it for the required 30 minutes to get the “new stove smell” out (fans are blowing like crazy to ensure we are not toxified).  I think I’m adjusting to a normal stove very nicely!


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