Two major steps accomplished. 38 or so to go.

It is done.  I purchased the Marazzi Jade Sage from Mark.  They are going to ship directly to the local Marazzi distributor in San Leandro – 20 minutes from my house.  And no shipping costs to me – hooray!  Seemingly, completing the order over the phone and with PayPal worked better for them.  Which is fine.

Additionally, I placed the order for the veneering part of the cabinet refacing.  We are using a company in Colorado that walks you through the whole refacing process.  Check out the refacing video they have (it has a slight cheez factor, but makes the process completely clear.)  These supplies should be here in the next two-ish weeks.  I can hold out for the doors until later, as I’m confident those will be the last things to go back up.

I’m taking the measure twice/cut once rule VERY seriously.  I’ll be quadruple checking my numbers on the doors and drawer fronts this weekend and placing that order on Monday.


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