Seriously? SERIOUSLY?

La-la-la… I called the local floor guy this morning, prepared to pleasantly haggle him down a bit in the per sq ft price – while still being perfectly happy with the price he quoted on Monday. Things were going well.  Then he came back on the line and apologized profusely but told me the “system” had incorrectly displayed his cost price and he couldn’t give it to me at cost.  Rather, he’d do me a favor and only add $.50/sqft.  Well, dearies, that was significantly over $100 bucks in cost difference.

Dude.  Seriously?

Continued my online search – including a pleasant call to the distributor.  Adina was very nice and gave me some local sources to try since she can’t sell directly to a homeowner.  And determined that the tile is in Sacramento – a day, maybe two days to delivery.  Whew! The tile – it LIVES!

Made all the calls, searched the internet – yes, including eBay.  Found what may be the best price I can find and attempted to place the order.  Credit card in hand, ready to go.  The “terminal” database is down?



I filled out a contact form.  I’ve got the tiles in my little shopping cart waiting there patiently.  We’ll see how tomorrow goes.


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  1. Lola

    What’s the price now?

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