What about that floor?

Yesterday I had a freak-out about the floor tile.  The Inferno is proving too difficult to procure at reasonable cost.  Back to the second choice – Marazzi Jade.  I’m not going to refer to it as flu remnants anymore.  Mostly because I found a DIY’er who did his shower in it and it is really pretty.  Check it out:

It's pretty

Marazzi Jade Sage - It's pretty!

Now, here is the silly part.  I didn’t get mentally ok with this until several hours later – while waiting for ebay sellers and the like to respond to desperate queries about Inferno.  And had an appointment for a haircut which ran well past 5pm.  The dude at my local tile store had the day off today (grrr), so I have to wait until tomorrow to place my order.

The hopefully good news is that I found a letter they sent me about a super-secret sale for this Saturday.  I’m expecting to be able to haggle and make my out-of-pocket go down even more.

Will update when the actual tile is officially purchased.



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2 responses to “What about that floor?

  1. Lola

    I really think it’s lovely. It will ground the floor and act as the color palette for the walls and accessories. I think the patterning will actually enhance the striations in the soapstone. Cool on the super secret sale! Woo Hoo! While you’re at it, find out the price of the mosaics. That would be a beautiful backsplash.

  2. 10thingsatonce

    I’ll find out. Thanks for your thoughts. Watch – it will fall through tomorrow and I’ll be in crazy woman land again. Consider it a good sign if you don’t hear from me.

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