Closing in on floor tiles

All of the major surfaces together at last!  Here is a pic of the soapstone sample (oiled), the veneer sample, a possible paint color and a likely candidate for backsplash tile along with what what unanimously voted as the floor tile:

All samples together

All samples together

(The backsplash tile is the 3×6 and the paint chip is the teeny yellowish thingy.  The tile is a crackle wheat color – hard to tell in the photo.  Both could change, but their replacements will likely be similar. )

The floor tile ended up being the Laufen Inferno, not the Marazzi Jade (you know, the “flu remnants” one).    At least for now.  I would venture to say that we need the full 24-48 hours of light cycle through the kitchen to fully confirm.  Fact of the matter is that when we had both floor samples in the kitchen they were so close it really wouldn’t matter.  There is a slightly more green cast to the Jade than the Inferno.  Since my favorite color is yellow and I wanted to do just a few red or rust accents, the Inferno works a bit better.

Oh, and the Olive was a resounding NO.  Too light and looked cheapey.

I woke up at 5:30 this morning – last day of school excitement perhaps – and had an idea.  Didn’t run it by Himself yet (hi, honey!), but maybe we’d use the leftover floor tiles and cut them into smaller pieces – a la large mosaic-ey – and tie those into the subway tile for the backsplash in a decorative way.  Since tile backsplash is only going over the sink and stove, we’d have more than enough I’m sure.  Haven’t fleshed this idea out fully yet – and I need to see the new stove in place to see how high up it goes in the back.  Regardless, I’m picturing a 2 hour design session with my guru – since that was genius work on the bathroom 3 years ago – and whatever we come up with will be Awesome times 10.



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3 responses to “Closing in on floor tiles

  1. Lola

    Love it Love it Love it! I’m going to need to see the paint color in person, but everything works in this picture! Would the wainscotting be that yellow, too? Wait – you should paint it the color of the subway tiles, right? That makes more sense.

    Cutting the large tiles into smaller ones may be tricky, but you are very good with the tile saw and can make nice squares. You know, you could get a sheet of glass mosaic in a complementary color (like the green of the floor) and use that instead…Yes, we’ll get together and make it Awesome times 10!

  2. 10thingsatonce

    I finally had time to run it by him just this minute. He said my idea scares him. He pointed out the faux stonework that is our fireplace and said THOSE people were trying to be creative.

    My rebuttal is that we would be more Fibonacci-esque type of creative. Deliberate, subtle, yet good.

    Glass mosaic – yes we could. Naturally, I don’t want to deal with cutting it (different blade on saw, weirder, etc..) Good planning should mean I don’t need to cut it.

    Yes, the wainscoting would be the color closer to the subway tiles. Although that may end up being too dark of a wheat color (didn’t show up well in the pic at all). Not really settled on the exact tones of yellow/cream and where they are going yet since that is not critical to where we are this minute. Like the bathroom, whenever we chose to deal with the MAJOR creativity in small spaces, that is the 2 hours of AWESOME.

    And since I haven’t purchased yet, I am willing to forgo subway tile if I have to. If so, it just means I’m saving it for my forever kitchen. I’d be sad to not do it, but trying to be flexible.

  3. Lola

    Wainscoting + subway tile = good. We must do this.

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