Maybe this sink…

This sink would probably work.  It needs to fit it into a cabinet that is 33-ish inches wide on the interior.

One sink possibility

One sink possibility

My “design genius” wants me to consider a double bowl sink instead of a single bowl.  And I will. I promise.  But while I was looking, I came across this one. Which would be fine, although is freakishly deep (10 inches).  Which is no longer necessary if the sink is this wide since we are out of the business of giving doggie baths anymore (awww, Sammie-girl).

Now I want to see if I can find a stainless undermount with faucet holes cut out. Does this even exist?  I know it exists in cast iron, but not at the price I found this one for.

I have some guilt that I didn’t measure and order the door/drawer fronts today as delivery is 3-4 weeks out.  Tomorrow after the final school field trip will have to be the day.  Perhaps they’ll be able to send me the veneer materials ahead of the doors.



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7 responses to “Maybe this sink…

  1. Lola

    The 10 inch depth is not freakishly deep. It’s awesome. That’s what mine is. You’re just not used to it. That’s a pretty nice sink, imo.

  2. 10thingsatonce

    No no no. Not freakishly deep when you have a double. You NEED that depth to accommodate various hand washing of big pots etc.. Double sinks should be deep. Wides don’t need it. Yes, your sink is exactly perfect the way it is.

    Also, with an undercounter mounting, we aren’t talking about 10 inches anymore, but rather 11-12 – taking into account the depth of the countertop. And that sticks way down into the cabinet – blocking garbage can placement etc… Cause that is still where the garbage is going for us.

    You know truly where this is coming from for me? I can’t easily handwash my wide cookie pans/racks/pastry boards. I just want them to be flat.

    Now, if I saw an inexpensive double SS that had faucet holes, I could be wooed…

    • Lola

      I’ve been looking for the SS with faucet holes to no avail like you. In fact, the cast iron ones I see with the holes still hide those holes under the solid surface, so what’s the point?

      I get the racks/cookie pans/pastry board conundrum. You should get a single in that case. And I thought of the depth factor for you; you certainly don’t need one that deep. So what is your price range for one of these anyway? I know you want 16 gauge, but what’s your limit on price?

      • 10thingsatonce

        I could go as high as just under 300, but then it MUST include the rack for the bottom. Without the rack, I’ve been seeing ones for about 150. But I still want the rack, so I’d need to leave money aside for that…

        Good point about the under hole issue. I swear I’d seen a cast iron that does this, but I can’t find it. Hmmmm…

  3. Lola

    executive chef by kohler has the holes on the undermount design.

    Hey,check this one out:

    • Lola

      wait – what width do you need?

      • 10thingsatonce

        Need about a 30/31/32 not more than that. The galaxy Ticor is the EXACT site and I think exact sink I was planning on – if doesn’t work.

        I’ll check out the kohler.

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